Written by: Neli Stoilova

Where to go in the Mission District if you have a limited time but you want to experience street art the best way?

Nothing reflects current events better than street art. Do you know where to find the best one though?

San Francisco ranks in the top three cities in the US for murals, just behind Los Angeles and Chicago.

There are hundreds of murals scattered throughоut the city, but the largest number is concentrated in the Mission District – there are almost 500!

We know you have limited time in the city, that’s why we compiled for you a short list of the best zones in the Mission District where you can find breathtaking murals:

Clarion Alley Murals

Clarion Alley is considered one of the most popular street-art alleys in the world. CAMP, or the Clarion Alley Mural Project, is a non-profit organization formed to represent it. Contact them for a proper mural tour around the Alley here.

Clarion Alley Mural in San Francisco
Photo by Nikolov
Clarion Alley Floyd Mural San Francisco
Photo by Clarion Alley Mural Project

24th Street Murals

The main-est corridor where you will find street art. It is the connection between smaller areas of street art (or alleys). Murals here are dedicated to the Central American community that helped form the San Francisco culture before the dot.com boom.

24th St Mission District Murals San Francisco
Photo by Carla Gonzáles
24th St Mission District Mural San Francisco
Photo by L. Brown

Pro tip #1: Pay attention to light posts and utility boxes between Bryant and Valencia Streets – you will see drawings all over the place!

Pro tip #2: For an ultimate experience we recommend trying the street tacos from the numerous taquerías lining the sidewalks! 😉

Balmy Alley & Lucky Alley Murals

Balmy Ally Mural in MIssion District San Francisco
Photo: Lana Turner’s Dad

Balmy Alley is one of the main mural spots of San Francisco. The majority of murals are done by volunteers. The focus falls on Central American topics and the diversity of life in San Francisco.

Balmy Alley Mural in Mission District San Francisco
Photo By Mike Zam
Balmy Alley Mural in Mission District San Francisco
Photo by Dmitri Korobtsov
Balmy Alley Mural in Mission District San Francisco
Photo by fet.arts

Lilac Alley & Cypress Alley Street Art

Lilac Alley Mural in Mission District San Francisco
Virgencita Plis in Lilac Alley. Photo by Ziryy

We recommend seeing “Virgencita Plis”. It’s a work done for Black History Month. There are many others on the same topic along Lilac Alley.

Juneteenth Mural [Click for map]. This is a special one. With what has been going on lately worldwide, it is definitely a must-see the next time you visit San Francisco!

Balmy Ally Mural in MIssion District San Francisco
Photo by Chiquito Taquito

Pro Tip: use this list in the stated order as a guide. It will save you time, and you will be able to enjoy your self-guided walking tour better! Have fun and tag us on your posts and stories!