If you are going on a trip, there are a number of top travel hacks you might not know about. Use some of these top-notch travel tips that might be unconventional even for some of the most experienced travelers.

Here are Free SF Tour’s exclusive top 10 travel hacks that can get you further for less:

1. Go to free tours:

A free walking tour through Union Square in SF, for example, could teach you more about the city, as well as about some of the best places with discounts. Using a free tour is like receiving first-hand knowledge from the best travel guides!

2. Take a packing tutorial:

Checking out some tutorials online can help you get really creative with your packing. You may be able to eventually pack a week’s worth of clothing into just a small duffel bag. Being able to travel without checked luggage can be a much more hassle free experience.

3. Build a stash:

Don’t be afraid to take shampoo bottles, sugar packets and other freebies to help you along the road traveling! When you are backpacking and building a stash of free stuff, it can cut down on what you need to carry, while making sure you have some extra luxuries.

4. Be loyal:

Stick to one airline and one hotel chain. You will be amazed at just how fast the loyalty rewards can stack up!

5. Understand the city like a local:

Local tours and talking to the locals can help you access travel experiences you wouldn’t normally be able to see. Pick an activity where you can be sure to speak to locals and get invited to wonderful new experiences. After you do the Free SF Tour you’d be presented with our very own Bucket List with suggested activities and local bars, restaurants and places that would be hard to find it on your own in such a short time!

6. Rent an apartment with AirBnB or go Couchsurfing!

Now it’s much cheaper to travel than ever before! Most experienced travelers are still used to booking packages with hotels but the AirB&B apartments rent is often a much better option. Here is a $35 credit for your first AiRBnB travels! You can also try Couchsurfing! Here is how it works: Create your profile on the platform, write your travel story, pick people that live in the city you want to travel and have similar interests as yours and ask if you can surf on their couch! You will get a reply within few days! Tip: write personal messages to the hosts you would like to stay at. Copy-pasted messages are usually with bad reputation and you will not get a reply back.

7. Unlock your phone:

By unlocking your phone you would be very surprised that how inexpensive a local Sim card can be. Buying a local Sim card is usually much cheaper than buying data packs or seeking out WiFi. Use this tool to find wifi passwords around

8. You have a bottle opener ready.

If you are stuck without a bottle opener during some celebrations remember that your shoe, a screw or household scissors can all work at opening wine and beer. Use these tools to learn how to open a bottle without an opener: Link1 andLink2

9. Pre flight rituals:

There are many ways that you can prepare yourself and reduce the chances of jet lag. Adjust your schedule at least two days in advance before your flight and try not to sleep too much before the flight as well. Change your time as soon as you board the plane and don’t fall asleep until it is time to sleep at regular local time for your destination. By using preflight rituals and preparing yourself before your vacation, you can make the most of your time.

10. Get a Nexus card or Global Entry ID:

Planning in advance and getting all of the right ID’s could really speed up your time at the airport. A TSA pre-check can be a fantastic way for you to board quickly. Here is the fastest way to get to San Francisco if you’re coming from Canada 🙂