While San Francisco has 48 hills and very little flat terrain that doesn’t stop us from cycling. Over here you’ll find bike trails with scenic routes and beautiful neighborhoods to pass through. Some people love to go in the parks, others ride their bikes by the piers early in the mornings or they just go for a recreational ride around our colorful neighborhoods! Going across the Golden Gate Bridge with a bicycle is one of the best experiences of a lifetime!

Here are the top ten bike trails in San Francisco:

  1. Golden Gate Park: This is a popular spot for cyclists, with scenic routes that run through the park’s 1,000-acre green space.
  2. Presidio Park: This former military base offers scenic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Area, as well as quiet, traffic-free trails.
  3. Embarcadero: This scenic route runs along the city’s waterfront and offers panoramic views of the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and the Bay.
  4. Wiggle: This is a well-known route for cyclists that connects Golden Gate Park to the Mission District.
  5. Bay Trail: This 500-mile trail follows the shoreline of the San Francisco Bay and offers scenic views of the Bay Area.
  6. Mount Tamalpais: This scenic ride takes cyclists through the hills and forests of Mount Tamalpais, with breathtaking views of the Bay Area.
  7. Lands End: This trail offers stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacific Ocean, and the rugged coastline.
  8. Fort Funston: This trail is popular with cyclists and offers scenic views of the ocean and the surrounding hills.
  9. Crissy Field: This flat, paved trail runs along the shore of the Bay and offers panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge.
  10. Marincello Trail: This trail takes cyclists through the beautiful Marin Headlands, with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Bay Area.

These trails offer a range of scenic routes for cyclists of all levels, from leisurely rides to more challenging routes with hilly terrain.