San Francisco is know for it’s notorious earthquakes. So, if a destructive earthquake happens and you are located on the 27th floor in a 29 story high building. Where would you hide?

We asked Chat GPT for an answer:

In the event of an earthquake, the safest thing to do is to drop, cover, and hold on. If you are inside a building when an earthquake strikes, you should immediately take cover under a sturdy desk, table, or other piece of furniture that can provide protection from falling objects. If there is no furniture nearby, you should crouch down in an inside corner of the building and cover your head and neck with your arms.

In a high-rise building, it is important to remember that the upper floors are often more susceptible to damage from earthquakes. As such, if you are on the 27th floor of a 29-story high building during an earthquake, you should quickly drop to the ground and take cover under a sturdy desk or table if one is nearby.

If there is no nearby furniture, crouch down in the interior corner of the building away from windows, exterior walls, and objects that may fall. Do not use elevators to evacuate the building during or immediately after an earthquake, as they may malfunction or stop working altogether. Instead, use the stairs and proceed to the ground floor as quickly and safely as possible.”

Now you know, but I hope we’d never have to use it 🧡🌁💙