Earthquake safety tips

San Francisco is know for it’s notorious earthquakes. So, if a destructive earthquake happens and you are located on the 27th floor in a 29 story high building. Where would you hide? We asked Chat GPT for an answer: ” In the event of an earthquake, the safest thing to do is to drop, cover, and hold on. If you are inside a building when an earthquake strikes, you should…

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Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco producing strange sounds

Why is the Golden Gate Bridge Singing? (Video)

The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge started producing unusual sounds over the last week as the winds in the San Francisco Bay went up to 27.7mph WNW. As much as I would‘ve loved this eerie sound to be aliens coming for us, apparently it’s the installation of new wind resistance railing that has turned the Golden Gate Bridge into a huge instrument that can be heard all around the Bay!Hypnotizing! #goldengatebridge…

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